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Look out for 2022: for now, kindness and dialogue

Hi all, Peter Westoby here. Three quick things as we wrap up 2021:

  1. I am pretty excited to be curating a new blog for 2022. Something I've been wanting to do for a while. Look out for it, subscribe now. They'll be short, weekly and hopefully to the point :)

  2. Perhaps they'll align with Pete's Podcast on community development. If you want to learn more about that, check it out.

  3. It's been a mega year on top of a huge 2020. Can you believe we're near 2022? On Friday morning, I was sitting with a colleague Ann Ingamells over a cup of coffee and we were yarning about how weary people are, how many people's fuse's are short, not much in the 'tank'. We took a deep sigh and said, 'we hope people can be kind to one another'. We chatted about how many people are deep in the trenches, behind their walls, taking positions on COVID, things like mandatory vaccinations. Behind walls and in trenches are not spaces for empathy or deep listening, places for dialogue and understanding. Whatever one's positions, let's move into this festive season reaching for what might be common, or at least respectfully disagreeing (not demonising those with different positions as enemies). Not easy, not when the tank is nearly empty and the fuse is short. Perhaps take a deep breath, pause before reacting, respond respectfully, and ask questions to understand.

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