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The Dialogue Project

The stewards of the dialogue project include Anthony Kelly, Peter Westoby, Anne Ingamells, Susan Black and Mike Dendell; the project is auspiced by Community Praxis Co-op.

For inquiries contact or call 0409633558

Relationship troubles plague many issues in society. Some commentators have characterised our historical moment as an ‘age of anger’ and a ‘time of polarisation’. The glue that holds many societies together, that is, trust, appears to be profoundly strained. 


Despite this historical moment, evidence is that people can live with respect for others even in disagreement.


Dialogue practice invites people to move from seeking hasty solutions to deep listening, mutual understanding, connecting and seeking shared pathways to work together. 

Dialogue is a practice – not just an idea, nor just a philosophy – it’s a practice in the sense of a learned skill. Not easy, yet possible. It is a practice that must be practised, over and over, in a continuous learning endeavour. As such, dialogue is a relational methodology of social change.


What the Dialogue Project offers:

  • some simple free resources for citizens and workers to learn about dialogue

  • an invitation for new partners to work with us to develop an e-platform to further this work in the public world

  • consulting and education interventions as requested by partners.

A short introduction to dialogue

Podcasts on Dialogue

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