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Research and writing

Peter can offer:

  • Co-design and support in community-based, participatory and academic research/writing

  • Partnering community, non-profits and other organisations in research – either community-based, participatory, action-learning, and orthodox

  • Supporting organisations in research processes that see their work enter the world of world-class journals 

Examples of recent work in this space includes:

  • Working on an action research project with Jabiru Community, Youth & Children Services around their School-Aged-Care services.

  • Partnering Nundah Community Enterprise Cooperative in action research, resulting in the following Tier 1 journal;

  • Action research in partnership with Tasmanian Neighbourhood House Network, and Yeppoon based Sea/Landcare organisations around the possibilities of popular education for social and community change;

  • Action research with Sahakarmi Samaj NGO in Nepal, on their popular education approach to community and social development, 2018-2020

  • Action research partnership with The Proteus Initiative, South Africa, on their developmental and phenomenological approach to social change (in Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa), 2015-current.

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