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Blog #18 - On the road

Hi all, I'm on week 4 of a four month road trip - from Maleny, to Darwin, down to Uluru, the Flinders - due home mid September. It's a mix of work, adventure and play. But mostly a pilgrim journey in listening and learning - developing new literacies to 'read' the land. Today is day #27 our last day in Queensland - about to cross into the Northern Territory.

It's a journey with Rachael my wife and we've created the Three Rivers Initiative Blog to share some of what we're noticing and learning on our journey. Check this new Blog out below and please subscribe to follow our adventure.

For this past 4 weeks it's been a joy - working for Hummingbird House in Bundaberg, Townsville and Cloncurry; and for Community Praxis Co-op in Middlemount and Mackay. I'm listening and learning so much from people in the regions and rural parts of Queensland.

Also, there are some more episodes of Pete's Podcast on Community Development - in conversation with Richard Warner on social enterprise and cooperatives.

I'll be continuing this blog on community development practice upon my return in September 2023.

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