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Spiral Model of Community Facilitation

Friday 11 March 9.30am-4.30pm, Maleny, Queensland

This 1-day process will enable you to understand, design and practice using The Spiral Model, a well-tested and tried model of community facilitation. 

The Spiral Model of Community Education is an approach developed by community development practitioners that helps groups do thinking that 'spirals' from personal experience to action. It's a 'bottom-up' process that enables people to tell their stories, to name issues, and with others do some thinking about why those issues are impacting communities. Based on that collective thinking, groups form around strategies for action, they take action and then return to the bigger group to reflect on that action.

Drawing on Paulo Freire's approach to dialogic education and learning, the process will enable you to:

  • understand what the spiral model is, and where it comes from (its roots)

  • articulate the 5 steps within the dialogic process

  • design the dialogic process, focusing particularly on 'the art of the question' and design and use of 'codes' to trigger dialogue

  • design a workshop for your community/work context

  • practice with colleagues in a safe space. 


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