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Why the art of community building?

Blog #3, The Art of the Community Building #2

During the past few years, I have been an avid lover of all-things reflective. I love reflective journaling in my morning practice; I enjoy self-help books that prompt me with good questions; my partner and I do monthly reflective exercises and a big end of year one! I often browse bookshops exploring the latest version of how to ‘be your best self’. I’ve almost joined the Brene Brown global phenomenon and recently heard myself saying ‘I’ve been Brene-ed’ referring to the growing use of her ideas in everyday lingo (mind you, I love that she loves Ted Lasso and is a Liverpool fan, so she’s got me).

But I started to wonder, where are the equivalent guides to community building? Not The Artist Way, but The Art of Community Building. Not ‘how to be your best self?’, but the equivalent of ‘how to be of best service’?

Why aren’t there more guides for people in building community, inspiring imaginative and presence to build connections? I have got to thinking - and this is my aspiration for 2022 - to be in dialogue with others (readers) about what this art could be.

So, in coming weeks and months, I’m up for exploring this art.

  • What are the characteristics and what character is needed to build community and foster connections?

  • What makes it an art rather than a science (albeit how can science help)?

I’d love to hear from you.

I’m hoping to share stories and wisdom learned from dialogues and 35 years in-the-field.

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